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COPS is a server for control panel extensions (CPX) found with many recent Atari applications. COPS is a replacement for the original XCONTROL.ACC which is included in more recent TOS versions.

COPS has the following features:

  • You can simultaneously display as many CPX modules as there are.
  • COPS remembers the position of each individual CPX module.
  • CPX modules can have larger windows - COPS adjusts window sizes to suit the resource.
  • COPS supports long file names: CPX modules can, for example, be loaded from a folder named "Control Panels". Spaces can be used in folder and file names ("MagiC configuration.cpx").
  • Low Memory requirements.
  • COPS runs on 68040 processors (with copyback cache switched on) or on any processors with relatively large code and data caches (e.g. 68k emulation on PowerPC computers).

Why is COPS called "COPS"??

"COPS" is short for COntrol PanelServer.

How do I get COPS?

COPS is Freeware. The program may only be copied and passed on freely if it is left unchanged and contains all relevant files. You can download the latest COPS version from the Software page.

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