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On this page you find the latest news and stories regarding the NVDI development. If you have a special software problem, please visit the FAQ section on our homepage.

  • 31.08.1999: NVDI 5.03-FreshUp (611096 Bytes) available. This FreshUp includes all bug fixes and extensions since the release of NVDI 5.00. You need an installed NVDI 5 to use this FreshUp!

    For Netscape users: Press the Shift key when clicking the link - otherwise the Netscape browser will damage the FRESHUP.TOS file.
  • 24.08.1999: Epson microweave output mode optimized.
  • 04.08.1999: Removed misleading error message in the TrueType scaler.
  • 15.07.1999: Epson printer driver rewritten and extended to support the new printing modes of the Epson Stylus Color 900.
  • 08.07.1999: Fixed a bug in the Epson printer driver when trying to use microweave mode in low memory situations.
  • 02.07.1999: Fixed a typing error in vr_transfer_bits() (affected NOVA graphic cards).
  • 17.03.1999: NVDI 5.02-FreshUp available.
  • 15.03.1999: Added Epson Stylus Color 740, 440 and 640 modes to Epson printer driver.
  • 11.03.1999: Fixed a bug in the TrueType scaler. The bug appeared only in special fonts (e.g. TITUS Bitstream) containing chars made of "Component Glyphs" (e.g. "latin capital letter d with small letter z with caron").
  • 9.03.1999: New VDI functions vr_clip_rects_by_dst(), vr_clip_rects_by_src(), vr_clip_rects32_by_dst() and vr_clip_rects32_by_src() built into NVDI 5.02. For older NVDI 5 version these functions are emulated by VDICOL.C (function reference included in NVDI 5 documentation).
  • 25.02.1999: Corrected calculations in the Epson printer driver which caused the output of an additional blank page in Landscape mode.
  • 25.02.1999: Added Epson Stylus Photo 750 modes to Epson printer driver.
  • 07.02.1999: Fixed a bug possibly appearing with page format A3 and resolutions of 720 dpi (or above) in true colour mode.
  • 09.01.1999: Included support of MacOS 8.5 fonts.
  • 18.12.1998: Added paper format B4 for Stylus 1000, Stylus Color ProXL/1500/1520 and Photo Ex. Added paper format Super A3/B for Stylus XL, 1500 and 1520. Added paper format A2 for Stylus 1500 and 1520.
  • 14.12.1998: Added Epson Stylus 800 and Epson Stylus 1000 modes to Epson printer driver.
  • 06.12.1998: Added Epson Stylus Photo Ex modes to Epson printer driver.
  • 27.10.1998: NVDI 5.01 FreshUp available.
  • 25.10.1998: Fixed a bug in the v_copies() inquiry of the printer drivers.
  • 19.10.1998: Added Epson SQ 870 modes to Epson printer driver.
  • 16.10.1998: Fixed bug in seedfill function (x coordinate of the starting point was overwritten).
  • 29.09.1998: English NVDI 5 version available.

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