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Redraw problems

  • Q1: Using NVDI-PC I get faulty redraws in Calamus SL
    A: There are two possible reasons for this:
    1. Either NCALDRV.PRG has not been installed or
    2. NCALDRV.PRG is installed but you are using Calamus SL with the release date 2. April 1998. This version has a faulty routine in the handling of external display drivers. Solution: Use an older version of Calamus SL (5 Jan 1998) or wait for an update (the programmers of Calamus SL know about this problem).
  • Q11: I'm getting redraw errors using Quickdraw on a Macintosh fitted with a Formac Graphic Card which I did not get with NVDI4.
    A: This an bug in the accellerated graphic routines of the Formac card. Solution:

    The next version of the Formac Control Panel (ie higher than version 5.12) will solve this problem. The Formac Control Panel v5.23beta in fact fixes this bug. The next version is expected to be 5.30.

  • Q20: Using EASE I get incorrect colours since I have installed NVDI 5 and Ease adapts the icon colours with every re-boot (which takes much longer than before).
    A: NVDI5 uses a different colour palette (because the new palette gives better results when dithering). The problems with can be avoided by:
    1. erasing EASE completely :-)
    2. deleting the EASE*.INF files (EASE08.INF for example) and ICONS.SCR; when re-starting, EASE will re-build these files correctly recognizing the new NVDI colour palette.
    3. Falcon user need to update the dispay drivers, because the 4 and 16 colour drivers had a bug in v_get_pixel() routine (see also Q22/Q23).
  • Q21: I get redraw errors on my MegaST fitted with a CrazyDots Graphic Card
    A: Switch off the BLITTER!
  • Q22: Using the Papillion 3 colour palette and contrast dialog I get strange colour changes when moving the slider.
    A: This is a bug in the display drivers which occurs on the Falcon in the 16 and 256 colour modes. Download the NVDI FreshUp.
  • Q23: I get strange system colours under MagiC PC and Atari ST.
    A: Update the display drivers.
  • Q24: I am using a Sang MegaVision MV300 graphic card and cannot load the VDI drivers.
    A: You are using old Sang MV300 software drivers. The up-to-date version 1.02 is available from MW Computersysteme).

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