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Boot problems

  • Q4: NVDI does not boot with the NOVA-VDI
    A: Three conditions are required for this to work:

    1. You need the NOVA VDI v2.61 or later
    2. All NVDIDRV?.SYS must be disabled (change their extensions to ".SYX")

  • Q5: The combination NVDI + NOVA-VDI + MagiC does not boot. But it does work without MagiC.

    A: Check the following:

    1. The AUTO folder order must be maintained as in Q4; use AUTOEXEC.BAT if nescessary.
    2. The line #_DEV must be present to get "meaningful" results; for example: #_DEV 4 0

  • Q8: Every time NVDI is started the message "Initialise Database""
    A: One both of the following applies
    1. Fonts are are dublicated and loaded twice
    2. You are loading fonts which do not fit into the cache.

    Tip:In both cases redirect the boot message/error message into a log file. Change the LOGFILE entry in the NVDI.INF file (see page 27 of the NVDI manual).

  • Q16: I am using Freedom 2.04 and get bombs when a print dialog is called.

    A: The crash happens in the TSR part of Freedom (LIBERTY.PRG) when LIBERTY has been started before WDIALOG. Solution:

    1. Re-order the AUTO folder so that LIBERTY comes after WDIALOG or
    2. Under MagiC use the AUTOEXEC.BAT to force loading of WDIALOG before LIBERTY

  • Q19: Programs crash when loading since I have installed NVDI 5. This did not happen with NVDI4.

    A: You probably have a printer driver loaded (for example HPGL.SYS) that releases memory though it should not, and that writes into memory that is not allocated to it. Remove all printer drivers that have not been supplied as part of the NVDI pack from the ASSIGN.SYS file.

  • Q30: The display remains white when booting MagiC-PC.

    A: This happens when more than 14Mb RAM have been selected and TT-RAM flags have been set in the MAGICSCR.PRG. Video RAM is then loaded to TT-RAM, which can't be accessed because of 24-bit addressesing of the emulated ST hardware. Solution:

    Disable MAGICSCR.PRG, restart MagiC-PC to set the TT flags to ST RAM. Then enable MAGICSCR.PRG again, quit MagiC-PC and start again.

  • Q31: Screenblaster 3 crashes in combination with NVDI 5 and WDIALOG.

    A: For unknown reasons this crash happens in Screenblaster 3. Possible solution:

    1. Maintain the following AUTO folder execution order: NVDI, SB_AUTO, WDIALOG or
    2. Install ScreenBlaster 2 - which can also run after WDIALOG.

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